Your Winding Daybreak Ways Series

An ambitious ten-part series exciting the heart and mind in equal measure.

Storytelling and historical fact come together in this old-fashioned family saga featuring the sweep of American society over two centuries and chronicling the fortunes (and misfortunes) of the Taylor family whose home base is primarily a fictional Magnolia County in the western third of Tennessee.  Themes of heart explored throughout the series include unspeakable loss, redemptive love and the calm courage “to soldier on…to see the mission through to the end.”

And as we see in the works of Pynchon, DeLillo, Wallace and Powers, Your Winding Daybreak Ways satisfies the mind as well, weaving the sciences, economics, history, philosophy, theology and the cultural milieu into a narrative embracing such disparate and relevant topics as race, sexual orientation, Asperger’s syndrome, conventional and cyber warfare, politics, Wall Street, epidemics, literature, and the arts to name a few.