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Goose Pond 2

Now that autumn fast approaches in the Massachusetts Berkshires, it’s time to launch our ten-part series, Your Winding Daybreak Ways, and our  blog, From the Writer’s Garret. The first two works in the series, Warfield and Happy Hollow, are now available from independent booksellers, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and from our own fulfillment facility here on our author website, www.garybargatze.com.

These first two novels have already received extremely positive reviews from the Baltimore Sun. While Warfield has been described as “beautifully and poetically written,” Happy Hollow has been described as “dramatic and fast-paced.” In fact, one of the top authors in Europe, Jose Luis Peixoto, has declared  Your Winding Daybreak Ways “a literary landmark.”

The primary reasons for posting a blog to accompany the series are: (1) to keep you informed on the progress of each of the books throughout the publication process, (2) to announce news including upcoming public appearances, and (3) most importantly, to interact with you regularly about the series and the individual works. I sincerely encourage you to post comments and questions.

All the best always!


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